A Day in LA

Los Angeles is a beautiful place to visit. It has many attractions all around Los Angeles such as Hollywood, Beverly Hills, the beaches, the shopping areas, the tours, museums, and great places to eat. 

Isabella Torres loves going to the Griffith Observatory because she says it's very pretty. “You go on the top and you see all the city lights at night, I love going with my friends,” she said. Torres also likes going to eat at a cafe called Earth because the food is immaculate. From Earth, she gets avocado toast or mac and cheese depending on the time she goes. Her least favorite place to go in LA is going to the Alleys because they’re really sketchy. “I don't like downtown LA because it's pretty dirty everywhere and there’s a lot of homeless,” she said. Overall, LA is a happening city and there’s a lot of people everywhere. LA is like New York.  Torres wouldn’t live in New York nor LA because there’s a lot of people so it’s always crowded. She also goes to LA at least once or twice a month. 

Gianna Diaz, loves going to LA to eat and to shop with her friends. Her least favorite thing is finding parking in LA. “LA is one of the most crowded cities around here, you can never find parking anywhere but when you do it’s like $10-20,” she said. She loves going to the alleys of LA because she eats tacos from the taco stands or the trucks. Diaz said they have the best food in LA. She loves walking around LA in general because there’s so much going on, so much excitement. She also loves going to any art museums or anything with art and anything with a mexican culture.