Lunch Break

School Lunches: A Healthy Alternative

By: Alissa Manzo

          Due to the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act that took effect in 2012, students nationwide are surprised by the new healthier school lunches being provided. The Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act authorizes funding for federal school meals and child nutrition programs while increasing access to healthy food for low-income children. Instead of students digesting high fat and salty foods, they are provided foods with lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. 

          As for Ayala, school lunches consist of a balance between healthy food and junk food. Every day, over one thousand students stand in long lines to gather their lunch. Students have a wide variety to choose from every day. For instance, there could be chicken sandwiches, pizza, or other entrees as the main course. As a side, there is either a choice of fruits or vegetables.

          There are a total of five food carts parked in different sections of the school. As soon as the bell rings, lines get backed up immediately and food starts running out. Many students on campus believe that in order for them to get lunch on time, they must ask permission from teachers to leave a little early. This obviously isn’t always effective, considering most teachers would not agree. Due to this issue, students assumed there would be some relief from lunch traffic due to the construction of the Quick Café stalls. 

          Two Quick Café’s are currently located on both sides of the administration building. When they were first being constructed, some expected it to be a snack bar area, where one could retrieve snacks or beverages. After the process of building the Cafés was completed, they were revealed to be holding areas for the lunch carts.

          Hopefully in years to come, the school raises attention to the matter of overcrowding and how it's affecting lunch for students. Many believe that the use of the Quick Cafés should be reconsidered for what many had hoped it would be. Overall, there are few issues with the way students retrieve lunch on campus, but many are also satisfied with the process in place.