Ayala's Future Renovation

By: Fiza Khan

          By now, most students have noticed the vast amounts of construction occurring near the F portables. These constant sounds of building and construction are noises for the new science building that Ayala will be receiving. A two-story building with significantly better technology will be built for students in science classes and should be completed by the next school year.

          This is all a part of the Measure G project and bond. Voted by citizens during the 2016 election, the bond is a measure to improve local schools and retain quality teachers by repairing classrooms and restrooms, replacing broken or rusty pipes, removing asbestos and lead, and installing more advanced fire safety features. Computer and science labs, classroom technology, and wiring will also be upgraded in order to maximize the quality of education offered. 

          In order to ensure that all CVUSD students have gained the necessary skills to move further in their education and join the workforce, Measure G focuses on improving the learning offered in these classes through these renovations. Classes that center around science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) will be the main subjects that will be affected by this construction project.

          Senior Asna Tabassum said, “I think that this will make the school more secure and will definitely help boost all the STEM programs we have to offer.”

          Schools will also be receiving safety and security upgrades over the course of the next two years. Keyless access control system, security cameras, and security alarm upgrades will all become a part of the campus in order to keep students safe during emergencies.

          Senior Jacqlyn Pi said, “Even though I am going to graduate soon, I am very excited to see the new building for my younger siblings."

         Students are eager for the completion of the science building and all it has to offer.

         Sophomore Aaron Venugopal said, “I’m going to take science classes next year just so I will be able to see and become part of the environment in the new building.” 

          Let’s hope the construction goes along successfully and make sure to check out construction near the gym!