Linda Mackessy

By: Bella Ruiz

          Linda Mackessy was having a typical day as one of the newer 

members of Ayala’s administration. Atop her desk was a pile of various documents waiting to be filled. Her job as Assistant Principal requires her to enforce structure, counsel, and provide academic support to students. Though these duties are difficult, Ms. Mackessy 

feels that becoming an administrator has been her greatest success.

          At first, she did not know what exactly the job would entail and was afraid of how she would handle the immense workload. Mackessy’s career began at Arcadia High School after obtaining her Administrative Credential. Her goal was to make a difference in students’ daily lives.

          Before becoming an administrator, Mackessy planned on becoming a minister and pastor at her church. Her ideas for the future, however, changed multiple times due to her interests, and at one point in time, she longed to be an artist, like her daughter.

          Mackessy said, “I was a just kind of average student in school, until I got to college and started to study things that I became passionate about.” According to her, college provided an array of opportunities and many friendships blossomed. Going to college was a wonderful experience, and she values her time and effort spent on campus. She recalled,“It was fun! I left California and went to the Midwest to Kansas. It was a small private college.”

          Mackessy’s job has never been easy. One of her biggest personal struggles was overcoming her fear of  public speaking. She worried about her delivery, her content, and her audience’s reaction. Despite the difficulties of her position, she feels pride in fulfilling her purpose at Ayala.

          Part of her job includes working with different committees on school policy and working on academic and curriculum-related subject matter. She also supports both athletics and student activities. Mackessy knows that making changes in students’ lives is a wonderful concept and hopes to do so as much as possible.


          Mackessy credits Robin Jones, an old friend, and Keith Kearney, her supervisor in college, for her success and being sources of inspiration. 

          For Mackessy, her job enables her to make a profound impact on young lives. “I love student discipline, not because of handing out consequences, but because I have the opportunity to help kids make better choices. Put them on a different path towards what they want.”