Annual AP Season- The Grind Begins

By: Ashley Chen

          Advanced Placement (also known as AP) tests have been a controversial topic buzzing around Ayala. Recently, the College Board announced that students will now have to pay for their AP tests by November 5 instead of March. Not only will students have to pay earlier, they must also pay a fee of $94 for each test.

          “The cost is ridiculous. I understand that it’s for credit for a college credit class, but it’s ridiculously expensive and I wish they’d lower it a little,” senior Jacqlyn Pi said.

          Many students have complained about the tests being expensive, leading them to believe that there’s no point in paying if they can’t pass with at least a score of a 3.

          “For certain people and unlike college, you can’t exactly pay off loans on your AP exams so students feel discouraged to take them all,” senior Iliana Maiz said.

          Although students believe that the price is expensive, there is a positive outcome. “The price point is a lot better than the price of a college course,” said Maiz.

          While students are concerned with the price of the exam, there is a fee waiver offered for students who are worried about the cost but are determined to take the exam. Although the exam price is an issue, students believe that the test is beneficial for those who are planning to attend college.

          “It’s a good incentive to take the classes because everyone thinks ‘If I pass the test, I don’t have to take it in college,’” said Maiz.

          Passing the exam allows students to earn college credit. This helps students by not having to take the class in college while also saving the money they or their guardian makes.

          “I think we should have AP classes because it’s giving us an opportunity to get out of a few classes in college and that’s less tuition money,” said Pi.

          Not only does it help decrease the college tuition, AP exams are also important for those who are applying to college early action or decision and regular decision.

          “AP testing is extremely important for your resume and college applications, so it is vital to buy them on time,” senior Janvi Amin said.

          It is also important to pass the AP exam with at least a score of a 3 to earn college credit. Although a 3 is acceptable to some colleges, others only accept a score of 4 or 5 in order to receive the credit.

          “I dislike how a score determines passing or not and I hate how some colleges only accept 4's and 5's and not even 3's, even though a 3 is a passing score. This means that my money and effort just went down the drain,” said Pi.

          There are numerous positive advantages for taking the AP exam, but there are also many opinions regarding the negative outcomes as well. Do AP exams really help students regarding its price and controversies?