Christy Koenig

By: Kreesh Teli

          Since Christy Koenig has been a child and started her education, she has been dreaming of being a teacher. Growing up, Ms. Koenig enjoyed her learning environment and worked hard to achieve this passion. She was initially inspired to teach psychology from her high school teacher.

          Koenig said, “I was sparked by psychology from my high school teacher. His name was Mr. Bannerman. He was fantastic and wonderful which made me think that if I got to teach high school, I would want to teach psychology. So that is where my interest started."

          During high school, she also started to learn basic skills for her dream job. While learning, Koenig gained knowledge from the teachers she had which later helped her become one of the well-known teachers on campus.

          “I learned what an effective teacher looks like and what a caring teacher looks like, and also what an ineffective teacher looks like,” said Koenig.

          At Ayala, Koenig teaches psychology during first, second, and sixth period, while also teaching AVID during third and fifth.

          To get the job she desired, Koenig attended multiple colleges to find the right profession for her. She started by going to Gordon College on “the eastside of Massachusetts.” She did not like the environment presented at that college, so she moved to California and received her Bachelor's Associate degree at California State University of San Bernardino. After getting her degree, she furthered her knowledge by attending Chapman University. At Chapman, she received her Master's degree and obtained her teaching credential. Soon after, she started her student teaching and became a teacher.

          As a teacher, she has encountered many fulfilling successes by pursuing her passion, but it is the relationships that she considers the most satisfying.

          “Just being a teacher and the connections that I have made with my students and my family and friends has been my greatest success.”

          At the end of the day, being a teacher who works hard for her students has been a dream come true for Koenig. “If I was just to say some crazy off-thing, it would be to do some job where I get paid to travel. But honestly, I can't really imagine myself doing anything else.”