Battle of the Clowns

By: Ashley Chen

          Recently the film, It Chapter 2, has been released and there are many opinions on whether the film is enjoyable or not. As a sequel, It Chapter 2 centers on the characters’ return to their hometown, Derry, Maine, after 27 years due to Pennywise’s return. 


          “I saw It Chapter 2 the week it came out, and thought that the movie was unnecessarily long and that some scenes felt dragged on,” senior Anushka Thakker said. 

          Many critics and viewers have complained that the movie was “dragged out” instead of being shorter and more entertaining like its predecessor.


           It Chapter 2 was about 2 hours and 50 minutes long, while the original It was about 2 hours and 26 minutes long. 

          Not only were there varying opinions about the time length, viewers also had differing opinions about the ending scene. 

          “If I had to change any aspect of the movie, it would be the ending, because I was super disappointed that [my favorite characters] died,” senior Kaiya Anunciado said. 

          The ending scene involved the adult characters looking in a mirror and seeing a reflection of their younger selves. Many, however, have wished all the characters were there for Pennywise’s return. 

          “Honestly, I prefer the first movie, because it was more entertaining due to the ages of the characters and that really set a funny tone to the movie compared to them as adults,” said Anunciado. 

          “Overall, it wasn’t terrible but I definitely preferred the first movie over this one,” said Thakker. 

          Although there are many critiques on It Chapter 2’s performance compared to It, both movies have made a strong emotional connection between the characters and audiences. As the “Loser Club” fandom continues to grow, the franchise maintains its spot as one of the most well-known horror series of all time.