Teenage Vaping

By: Belen Robles

          Vaping has become a dire epidemic that has hooked teenagers and captured the concern of adults and politicians. Vaping has been rumored to be a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. However, articles issued in healthfair.org have stated that there is still highly “addictive nicotine present in some products that are dangerous to a developing brain” and could lead to teenagers “smoking regular cigarettes later in life.”

          Initially, the vaping business blossomed with its sleek, modern design and "kid-friendly” flavors. In the Yahoo Finance article, “How Vaping has Caught on ‘like wildfire’ among teens,” author Tracy Marx Bernstein believes that with “flavors like bubblegum and mango, it’s hard to ignore that teens aren't the intended target” and it is not very hard to see why.


          Eric Long, Ayala's health teacher and soccer coach, agreed that this particular design and flavors has attributed to its “target on teenagers.” Thankfully, Mr. Long has deemed it “rare” to see high school students publicly vaping and has only witnessed one such occurrence. 

          In an informal survey conducted amongst 17 random students, 13 students said they do not vape and one admitted to recently quitting. Three abstained from commenting.

          Nevertheless, within a one year span, the use of e-cigarettes exploded 78 percent among high school students in the United States. Bernstein jolts with a statistic of “more than 3 million high school students” recorded vaping.

          These jarring statistics and the mysterious lung illnesses that have recently popped into media supposedly relating to vape are all reasons for concern.

          Long left his opinion for banning vape as a plea for an extension “to all smoking.” Smoking has always been an unhealthy and dangerous addiction and now there is a new version of it targeting teenagers.