There's No Place Like Homecoming!

By: Anushka Thakker

          Busy days are scheduled ahead for Ayala’s leadership team. Our annual homecoming dance is planned for October 19, and the planning process has already begun. 

          Bryan Jung, President of the 2020 Class, shared some insight on the preparation process.

          “At the same time while we’re planning for homecoming, we also have to multitask and focus on the rally, which is right before it," said Jung. "Once the first rally is over, leadership goes head-on into the homecoming preparations. The fact that we have to prepare right after we just had a rally is probably the hardest part. There aren’t really any moments where we’ll be able to rest.”

          Although preparing for homecoming seems like an arduous task, there are some easier aspects of the planning process. 

          “Knowing how to organize the dances makes the whole process easier because it’s an annual tradition so we already know what works and what doesn’t. It’s more just about figuring out the theme and how to decorate it. Once we have the theme figured out, the rest falls into place,” said Jung.

          “There’s a commissioner,” said Amaan Patel, a senior leadership member, “She is in charge of figuring out the theme and overlooking all aspects of the planning process. This year our commissioner is Mackenzie Allens, a junior at Ayala. We vote within our class among ourselves for themes that we want, or we take suggestions from student body representatives.”

          Tickets for the 2019 Homecoming Dance on October 19 in the Ayala MPR are now on sale! See the Student Store web page for prices, guest pass information, dance rules, and more. The last day to purchase a ticket is October 16!