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Music in Motion

By: Mandy Kajiwara

          The Ayala band and color guard is one of the school’s grand traditions, standing tall for 30 years with hundreds of awards to their name. The band not only plays music but displays a unique show on the field with the use of color guard to create an unforgettable performance. A coveted tradition is the annual Western Band Association event hosted at Ayala known as Music in Motion. The show has over 28 groups performing of all different ranks and sizes.

          The event was originally created by former band director, Mark Stone, and the event has grown in popularity since.

          When Ayala first opened in 1990, Stone was preparing to build an empire. Stone said, "It was my idea as we had already been hosting 'Festival In The Hills' which was a large dance/guard competition and a large money maker. So when the field was completed, it was a natural progression."

          The event also holds fond memories for alumni and current members of the program. The current band director, Timothy Trost, invites all bulldogs to come and enjoy the event.

          Music in Motion will be taking place on campus from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturday October 12, 2019. Come and support the Ayala marching band before they head to the Grand National Competition in Indianapolis later in the fall season.