RaeAnna Duque

Madison White

         There are very few four-year members in the Journalism class this year. It takes a lot of time and dedication to continuously focus on the school newspaper. Senior RaeAnna Duque is one of those individuals who dedicated countless time to making the newspaper great. Although she is not enrolled in the class this year, she still holds her position as a co-Editor-in-Chief of the Bulldog Times. Because of her busy schedule, she writes for the paper when she has the time or when her help is needed.

        Everyone has their own reasons for joining Journalism, but they often share the same motivating factor to stay. Said Duque, “I originally wanted to take Journalism because I enjoyed writing and wanted to develop my skills. After my first year, I wanted to take journalism for even more than just the writing aspect. Journalism became a safe place for me and let me develop one of my first “families” at Ayala.” 

        She takes pride in being a part of the school’s newspaper and would become overjoyed when a new issue went out to the students. Physically seeing your name in print for the first time, is not a privilege that most people get.  Duque will never forget the first time she distributed the newspaper her freshman year. She and other first year students in Journalism ran around campus in a rush to deliver newspapers to classes.

        Now, as the future approaches and college is right around the corner, Duque plans to attend University of California, Riverside (UCR) majoring in Biological Sciences. She does not plan to leave the skills she learned in Journalism behind, however. Said Duque, “I have exercised these skills in my other activities and helped me become a better leader and organized person overall.” 

        Throughout high school, she has participated in Polynesian Club, track and field, choir, and journalism. She struggled a bit balancing outside hobbies and academic classes but made it work because of her passion for everything she does. All of her extracurricular activities played a large part of enjoying her four years here at Ayala. Dentistry is Duque’s current career path, but she is leaving room for change.

          When first entering high school, students are always eager to leave. But once you reach the end, you find yourself starting to miss the constant routine. Even if you deny it. Said Duque, “Any advice I have to offer is it is never too late to get involved with the school.” Taking rough classes should never limit your ability to get involved and stay involved. The families you create through your involvement in various activities are families that you will never forget. 

        Good luck, RaeAnna! We hope to see you brightening people’s smiles in the future. It’s been a great four years with you, and we can’t wait to see what you do next! We know that no matter what you decide to do, you’ll always take a little piece of Journalism with you. Thank you for always making Journalism a safe space and environment for others around you.