Iman A. Mirza
News Editor

Anna Baik

          Journalism’s twenty-nine year history is not without its talented journalists behind the scenes. Many of them - as well as Journalism advisor Jack Higgins - put in tireless hours editing and writing articles for Bulldog Times. Sadly, much of Journalism consists of seniors, many of which are leaving for college. News Editor Iman A. Mirza is one of those that are graduating. 

            Mirza has been in Journalism since junior year. The class has taught her many valuable lessons on how to improve her writing, such as communication skills and time management. Journalism also taught Mirza how to omit unnecessary details and instead put out what’s important. 

            Mirza plans on earning her bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management at Cal Poly Pomona and also her master’s at University of Southern California in hopes of becoming a librarian. Said Mirza, “Because the master’s degree does not require a specific bachelor’s degree, I have the blessed opportunity to major in something I am deeply interested [in].” 

          Mirza wants to become a librarian because she feels it suits her personality best. Said Mirza, “I consider myself to be organized and I prefer a quiet environment than a loud one. Becoming a librarian would give me an opportunity to improve the way students look at the public building and how to raise awareness a library has to offer.” 

          When asked about Mr. Higgins, Mirza had a lot to say. Said Mirza, “It is safe to say that Mr. Higgins not only changed my life, but everyone who has had him or met him.” Mr. Higgins’ departure from journalism and Ayala will be missed by everyone. Mirza hopes that even with Mr. Higgins gone, Journalism will “stay stable with dedicated writers, who will provide articles that represent the thriving class.” 

          “Journalism,” said Mirza, “allows the underdogs to have their chance under the spotlight.” All in all, it highlights the hard work and efforts of other Ayala students. 

            Wherever our seniors are headed off to, whether it may be college or not, all are destined for a life of success. Here’s to you, seniors! Congratulations from the Bulldog Family!