Sabrina Nguyen
Features Editor

Iman A. Mirza
News Editor

               For the past two years, Sabrina Nguyen has spent her fourth period in the same class and in the same seat. Not only does she work on improving the quality of her articles each month for Journalism, but Nguyen is also the Features editor for the newspaper. Nguyen joined Journalism in hopes of improving her writing abilities and participate in a school activity. 

               Many newspaper issues later, Sabrina now feels confident in her writing potential and looks forward to using it in her best ability. Upon taking the class, Nguyen has made unforgettable memories; from being active on campus to making new friends, the opportunities were endless.

            Nguyen hopes to earn her bachelor’s degree in nursing and also pursue her master’s in order to become a nurse practitioner. Another aspiration Nguyen aims to achieve include writing young adult novels. She has wanted to become a young adult author since the seventh grade. Such genres she is interested in writing about include contemporary, fantasy, and dystopian novels. Nguyen is hopeful for the opportunity to arise.

            Spending these last few weeks as a senior, Sabrina has learned some important tips about high school. Start making plans for the future if it hasn’t been done already, whether it is compiling a list of colleges to apply for, specify days to take the practice SAT, or balancing your social and academic life. Said Nguyen, “Get familiar with colleges early and most importantly, enjoy high school.”