Pink Out Game

By: Mia Perez

          Ayala volleyball was proud to host the annual “Pink Out Game” on the first Friday of October honoring Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many supporters came out to the game on Friday night. It was very inspiring to see all of our survivors that were able to attend and remember those who couldn’t attend as well as our current fighters and our angels.

          The Ayala volleyball program raised up to $810 dollars for the American Cancer Society through the snack bar, raffle baskets, and donations. 

          Giselle Gatewood said, "It’s the most exciting game out of the whole season.” 

          Our bulldog varsity team played against Claremont High School. During a stressful game, Ayala came back to beat Claremont in the fifth set. Before the game, varsity team players announced they would be "playing for the angels tonight." 

          Walking into the bulldog gym, one would think somebody famous was there, as there were pink posters everywhere. The snack bar sold nothing but colorful pink desserts. The freshmen players were more than excited to play in their first "Pink Out Game," wearing pink gear from head to toe.

          Ayala volleyball definitely demonstrated school spirit that Friday night. On top of all that, all three levels won; that’s what we call a clean sweep in volleyball.