Rachel Lundstedt
Arts and Entertainment Editor

Janvi Amin


          The time of year has approached again for students and staff to say goodbye to the seniors and wish them luck on the journey ahead. For seniors, the end of the year marks the end to their high school career, and the official end of the ever-lasting symptoms of senioritis. As Senior Week and graduation only get closer, it’s important to remember our seniors for the people they’ve become and the mark they’ve left on the Bulldogs around them.

            Senior Rachel Lundstedt has been part of the journalism class on campus for two years, contributing to the distribution of knowledge about key Ayala events and people and connecting with the campus. An avid writer, Lundstedt chose to take journalism her junior and senior years despite her prior commitment to sports her freshman and sophomore year, only to realize her love for the class. Her three most enjoyable hobbies on top of writing include: reading, painting, and swimming. 

          Although she is excited for the start of her college experience, Lundstedt also remembers the best part about senior as being the anticipation of the activities in senior week until graduation, and finally seeing all of the difficult and less interesting classes paying off as the year comes to an end.

               One thing Lundstedt won’t miss about high school, however, is the complications tied with parking every morning with conflicts from teachers. These high school memories allow each senior to become the people they are and show how much they have progressed from being the confused freshman they once were, although the circle will come around again, and the seniors will now enter college as freshman once again.

          Upon reflection of the ups and down of being a senior, Lundstedt’s advice for incoming seniors is, “To not stress about it. College apps season sucks but it passes in almost an instant, and to also not let Senioritis get too bad.” After a mixed experience throughout high school and the exposure of higher level courses and new people, Lundstedt can leave high school knowing she is one step closer to fulfilling her goal of becoming a pediatrician and helping and being around children in the future.