Mohammed Alsaffarini
Sports Editor

Fiza Khan
Associate Editor

        As the 2018-2019 school year comes to an end, the journalism program loses many remarkable seniors who have put aside hours of commitment in writing articles and interviewing students. One of these seniors is Mohammed Alsaffarini, who has been an integral part of the journalism class since his sophomore year. Alsaffarini, also Sports Section Editor, believes that the bonds he has formed, not only with those in the senior class, but in the freshman, sophomore, and junior classes will be one of the aspects he will miss the most about high school as he will not see his fellow peers as much in coming years. 

          Alsaffarini joined the journalism program because of the format of the class and because he originally wanted to pursue a career in journalism. Says Alsaffarini, “I wanted to be in a class that actually intrigued me and had my interests, so I decided on taking journalism.”

          Alsaffarini will also miss the friends he had met throughout his three years in the journalism class, referring to the small class size as one of his favorite parts of the program. He believes that journalism impacted his high school experience by giving him the opportunity to talk to athletes that have committed to and thrived in NCAA Division 1 colleges. 

             Regarding his favorite memories at Ayala, Alsaffarini reflects on how he felt when he first saw his articles published in the newspaper as a sophomore and how both the pride and the confidence he felt in that moment were one of the biggest highlights of his high school career.

          For college, Alsaffarini is planning on attending Fullerton Junior College and transferring to California State University, Fullerton. Says Alsaffarini about what he is excited the most about in the future, “I can’t wait to finally be on my own and having a steady schedule, as well as furthering my education to become an entrepreneur.” 

         Career-wise, he hopes to invest in various up-and-coming medical companies and become a part of the business aspect of the music and entertainment industry. For future freshman, Alsaffarini advices to keep friend circles small to stay away from those with bad intentions and to avoid succumbing to peer pressure.

          Says Alsaffarini, “The last thing you should do is stuff you don’t want to, to look cool.” Let’s hope to see Mohammed Alsaffarini do great things in the future and carry what he has learned from the journalism class into his future.