Anna Baik
Staff Reporter

Sabrina Nguyen
Features Editor

          After 13 years of working hard in school, Anna Baik is finally on her way to college and ready to start a new chapter in her life. This is Baik’s first year in journalism and upon taking this class, she was able to improve her writing, get active on campus, and managed to make many memories with her new friends. Baik first joined journalism because she thought taking part of writing the school newspaper would be neat and had an extra class spot to spare.

          Said Baik, “I’m glad that I joined journalism because I made new friends and broadened my writing skills. I found it fun to work behind the scenes in something that celebrates students.” Baik will be attending UC Riverside majoring in linguistics. She first became interested in linguistics because she found herself curious how languages worked, and how accents are developed and how it’s applied to a second language.

          After receiving her bachelor’s, she wishes to achieve a master’s in education or psychology at UCLA graduate school. She later wants to either teach English as a second language or become a forensic linguist. Baik said, “I originally planned on majoring in political science. However, I was really intrigued by the language unit in AP Psychology this year. I became more and more interested in language acquisition and development and how it works in the brain.”

            After succeeding high school, Baik has a few words of advice for incoming freshmen. Baik said, “As my good friend Nishka used to say, ‘When you look at a mirror, make sure you know what you’re looking at.’” Thank you, Anna Baik, for all your help in journalism, we will miss you!