Elena Moran
Staff Reporter

Rachel Lundstedt
Arts and Entertainment Editor

        Moving on from high school and going into college, some kids have no clue what to do with their future while others have it planned out by the minute. For Ayala senior, Elena Moran, she is ready. Throughout high school, Moran has been involved in ASL and drama and has just recently joined journalism this past semester.

        “The most memorable moment in high school,” says Moran, “was working on the theatre productions. Being able to see a show come to life step by step is a special thing.” Moran has been involved in Ayala’s productions since freshman year and finished off her senior year strong by being stage manager for Clue: On Stage, the first drama production of the year. 

            Moran decided to join journalism in order to, “become a better writer and to write to my full potential.” She was amazed to see her own article published onto our online newspaper for the first time! “My favorite moment in journalism so far has been seeing my articles published,” she says, “I have always enjoyed writing and to finally see it online was super exciting to me.” She has learned a lot from Ayala’s own amazing journalism teacher, Mr. Higgins, not only for how to improve her writing but also life lessons to learn from and advice to take with her to college. 

            Moran plans to study in Deaf Studies at UVU and hopes to continue writing articles for her college’s newspaper. Good luck to you Elena!