Daniel Ramirez
Staff Reporter

Turning Interest Into Action

         The 2018-2019 Ayala school year is about to end, and seniors are getting ready to go off to college. The Journalism class has many seniors graduating this year and they shall all be recognized for all that they have achieved in the four years they spent at Ayala. Daniel Ramirez is one of these seniors. He has accomplished many goals, one of which is that he made the Ayala baseball varsity team. He always wished to be a great baseball player and making the team is just one step away from his long-term goal.

          While he had a lot of success in his years at this school, he also had to face a lot of adversity from trying to make the starting spot on the baseball team. Yet he overcame this challenge and worked hard to get the starting spot he deserved. 

         His biggest takeaway to enjoy high school was to make new friends and build a lot of relationships with others so you can enjoy your four years together. Because of all his academic and athletic accomplishments, Ramirez committed to Cal Poly Pomona to play baseball. One of Daniel’s priorities was to get on a baseball team and get the classes for his intended major. 

         Cal Poly provided Ramirez with both, which is why he picked that college. There were many classes the he took but his favorite were US History and Journalism. His favorite moment at the school was when everyone made a mosh pit at the rally. These were just few of Daniel’s memorable experience here at Ayala. I am hoping he has a very successful year at college and his potential for becoming a great Major League baseball player.