Ashley Rhee
Staff Reporter

Kreesh Teli

           As school ends, senior year consists of many emotions that may flow from tears all the way to endless laughter. Some seniors dedicated their time to Journalism and have put endless effort into their work in the class. One of the seniors graduating, who has gained a close relationship with Journalism over the past year is Ashley Rhee.

            Rhee, while studying and maintaining a good GPA, has many hobbies and extracurriculars she was participating in. One of her biggest hobbies include reading where she has read books such as Pride and Prejudice,Paris Wife, and Looking for Alaska. Rhee states, “I mostly like to read books that have romance and are a challenge to me.” 

            One of Rhee’s other hobbies include spending time with friends and family. With her friends or family, she would go on trips to the beach or watch newly released movies. Out of all the places she visits with her friends, the beach is her favorite - “The beach has a nice scenery in which I can just enjoy the scenery and the noises of the ocean.” Rhee holds many unique hobbies that has been a big part of her high school career.

            Journalism has allowed for Rhee to branch off on one of her passions. Rhee states that, “I have always loved writing, so I wanted to join a class that allowed me to practice and improve my writing skills,” making Journalism the right class for her in her final stretch of high school. Joining Journalism allowed her to learn about all the different things happening on campus. The class provided her the opportunity to gain knowledge about the campus and practice her writing skills.

            After working hard for four years, the seniors are repaid with all their work with a college acceptance. In the course of the four years, Rhee stated “I would say my high school experience was really good. I surrounded myself with people who motivate and encourage me, and I took advantage of every opportunity.” 

           As a member of the college class of 2023, Ashley Rhee will be majoring in public relations and advertising at Chapman University! Chapman is a good fit where the campus is perfect for her and the major she will be studying is in her best interest. High school has treated Rhee well and she is excited for the journey ahead of her. 

            As the last four years have been a fun journey for Rhee, with following her hobbies and passion and stressing about school, she will not forget the memories she has made. Along with the memories, the people, and the opportunities she received, Rhee will never forget them.