Moriah Spann
Staff Reporter

Kayla Alexander

         As it gets closer to the end of the school year, seniors are saying their goodbyes to high school and getting ready to enter college. One senior in particular, Moriah Spann, whose interests include: singing, drawing, watching anime, and cosplay. She says, “I’m going to miss the relaxed atmosphere” as to what she will miss about high school. A few of her extracurricular activities included women’s ensemble and varsity golf. 
      While at college, Moriah hopes to study abroad for as long as she can. She wants to major in English and somewhere down the road, end up with a PHD in education. Her plans after college include teaching English overseas in foreign countries. She said, “I’m excited to graduate. It’s been four years but I’m also excited to leave college and start my dream job.” This will be an exciting time in her life. 

          With school ending in less than a month, she is counting down the days and getting ready to make the transition. Although it is a happy and exciting moment, it’s also bittersweet leaving behind her childhood and entering adulthood with responsibilities and dealing with the hardship life may throw her way. 

          She is about to venture off into a new journey with lots of exciting things and meet tons of amazing people. This is the beginning of a new chapter in her life. She may be leaving high school, but her life is just now starting.