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Long Leads Avid

By: Fiza Khan

          Ayala’s AVID program has been acknowledged as amazing by many. One of the many amazing people behind the program is Eric Long. Aside from teaching Health and coaching soccer, Long has played a pivotal part in motivating AVID students and ensuring their success. 

          “I like to help students prepare for college and help them focus on their core classes,” said Long. 

          AVID focuses on helping students in their academic classes, in addition to emphasizing college readiness, such as applying to colleges, UC applications, and writing essays. AVID also helps hold students accountable for what they should be doing in their classes and help them develop better study habits through various methods, such as binder checks every Friday and study groups for finals. AVID students also undergo SAT preparation, using resources like Khan Academy, to obtain high SAT scores.

          Regarding his hopes for the program, Long said, “The goal is to have every kid in AVID get into a four-year school. My goal is also to keep students’ grades high.” 

          His biggest obstacle has been learning the new curriculum and attending the summer training each year for three days with Ms. Christy Koenig and Ms. Jessica Cross. 

          Long said, "We’re learning everything new. We’re not doing the same old stuff we do every year."

          In regards to his own personal life, Long remembers one of his outstanding successes was playing soccer in college and making it to the final 16 in the nation during his sophomore and senior year. He attended Lock Haven University, a state school in Pennsylvania, and majored in Health and Physical Education. In high school, Long always considered the idea of being a professional player but focused on being a health and physical education teacher. However, when offered the position, Long decided to take part as an instructor in the AVID program. 

          Throughout his high school experience, Long believed he gained the skills necessary to be successful in college as well as his life as a teacher. He felt prepared and was in an environment where he was pushed to excel “similar to Ayala,” according to Long.

          He looks forward to the amazing year ahead and hopes to see many more successful students. Let’s appreciate our wonderful AVID program and the staff that help with this amazing program that works to improve college readiness and propel students to excel in their core classes!