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John Ameluxen
Teacher and Coach

Ayanna Sadipe

          As the end of the school year approaches, Ayala is set to say goodbye to another fabulous teacher, John Ameluxen, who will be retiring the end of May. Mr. Ameluxen has been at Ayala since the start - for over 29 years - and currently teaches Integrated Math 3 Honors and Trigonometry. Outside the classroom, he coaches the varsity softball team and at one time, he coached Girls’ Tennis.

            While at Ayala, Mr. Ameluxen enjoyed the fun in being “a part of all the traditions and seeing how they started.” He appreciates meeting and interacting with all the different types of students and teachers as well. Some of his favorite memories are when the softball team won CIF in 2010 and when Girls’ Tennis beat Diamond Bar High School - who hadn’t lost in league in ten years. Both events were “pretty exciting moments” for Mr. Ameluxen as a coach because he got to see his athletes accomplish something big. 

            As for future plans, he hopes to be busy with softball, his two grandkids, and traveling more. As he says goodbye, Mr. Ameluxen describes the kids as being what he’ll miss most since that is the “reason most of us got into education.” 

          Many students and teachers will miss Mr. Ameluxen and I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we have appreciated your time here at Ayala High School. We truly wish you the best and hope you come back and visit anytime!