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Taking Over The Helm
Ms. Eileen Tse

Rachel Lundstedt
Arts and Entertainment Editor

          With Mr. Higgins retiring this year after sixteen years of teaching on Ayala High School’s campus. It is time to welcome our new Journalism teacher, Ms. Tse! While she will be teaching journalism fourth period still, she will continue with her regular English class schedule.

            “Mr. Higgins is such an inspirational mentor to students and teachers alike; to be able to be part of the legacy he created compelled me to pursue journalism here at Ayala.” Says Tse. She hopes to continue Higgins’ way of teaching to inspire students to make a difference and be motivated. 

          Tse has an amazing background in journalism and publishing, “Before I realized I wanted to be a teacher,” she says, “I had a one-track mind for journalism and publishing.” Aside from all of her high school experience in journalism, almost all of her extracurriculars in college were in some way related to journalism and publishing. In college, she worked for the University of California Press as a marketing assistant and also have been an editor for manga companies! “I dabbled in blogging and worked for a KPOP news site, a long time ago way before BTS and Blackpink took over the world.” 

            Tse plans to continue to “build the profile and reputation of the school’s online newspaper.” This not only makes it easier to access for students to get updates and read articles, but it also saves paper, time and money from the usual printed articles. She views Ayala’s newspaper as a voice for the students, a place where they can express themselves in the way they know best, writing.

          Tse also wants to experiment in social media platforms and digital outreach. She wants next year’s journalism class to be motivated to learn and grow, along with her. Each person has room to grow so long as you accept it. Tse plans on adding in more visual designs and different genres of writing so students can get a taste of what journalism truly is. “The newspaper belongs to the students,” says Tse, “their hard work and commitment make the newspaper, I am just here to guide the process.” 

            Tse actually built up her own high school’s newspaper‍ with less than ten people, including herself. “The newspaper had been dead for a long time at my high school, so we were revitalizing it from the ground up.”

Tse mentions how grueling and hard it would be sometimes with the amount of responsibility and work she took on with such a small group, but it all paid off in the end. She initially began her career in college studying journalism and wanting to be in publishing and editing but soon decided teaching was for her. Tse is lucky enough to be doing the two things she loves, teaching English and journalism, and Ayala is lucky to have her as the new journalism teacher.