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Spooktober Movies

By: Belen Robles

          The mornings are chilly, the stores have exploded with grotesque masks, and teachers have decorated their walls with paper ghosts and pumpkins.

          Freeform is here to seal the spooky season senses with 31 Nights of Halloween movies. 

          The schedule has lined up classic favorites, including Monster House, Goosebumps, Ghostbusters, and The Addams Family (yes, both movies), and many more. Of course, there is no such thing as Halloween without Tim Burton’s traditional works of art which will also be shown throughout these 31 days. Some prime examples being The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Corpse Bride.

          Senior Angelica Gutierrez said, “I appreciate a place to watch all my favorites” and claimed The Nightmare Before Christmas as the ultimate treasure to end the marathon.

          Junior Brooke Summerford also took a wild guess to which Halloween movie might finalize the season. “I think it just might be Halloweentown.”

          Hocus Pocus, however, takes the glory and receives a full marathon of the movie the very day of Halloween.

          Despite the diverse showing of frightful features, many students were upset about the absence of certain Halloween collections.

          Summerford said missing “the Halloweentown movies is tragic” and many still yearn to see the beloved sister-witches in Twitches. These movies were childhood classics in what must be the main source of viewers nowadays. With the somewhat repetitive schedules over the years, some are abandoning the channel.

          However, the young do still get their fill of Scooby Doo, Hotel Transylvania, and general pleasures of 101 Dalmatians, Moana, Matilda, Monsters Inc. Nevertheless, no one could go completely wrong with jewels like Hocus Pocus and any Tim Burton movie for the Halloween season. 

For more details on the October 31 Nights of Halloween, consult the Freeform official schedule.