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The Looming Presence of Retreating Mental Health in High Schoolers

By: Kreesh Teli

          Mental health is defined as a person’s condition with regard to their psychological and emotional behavior. For high school students, mental health is a subject not many students focus on. With stress from school and pressure from personal scenarios, students tend not to focus on their mental health even though it’s “considered one of the most important factors in one’s life,” according to The Mighty

          Throughout the four years of high school, you go through many phases from stress all the way to the other end of the spectrum of happiness. Going through school, 1 out of 4 students have a diagnosable illness, where 80% of them feel overwhelmed from their responsibilities, 40% do not seek help, and 50% of the people with mental health problems, saw an impact on school.

          Two seniors at Ayala High School, Patrick Tran and Nikhil Patel, discuss the issue of mental health in high school and express their opinions about the topic.

          Tran stated, “I believe mental health is an ongoing issue especially for students because they isolate their focus to school or other activities rather than themselves.”

          By not focusing on mental health, many consequences can be presented to the human body. One being that the state of your mental health can affect your cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Along with that, not focusing on mental health can lead to depression, anxiety, and personality disorders. Stress plays a huge part to cause these situations from the amount of work a student may receive making them anxious. 

          Patel stated, “During my freshman and sophomore year I was extremely stressed from school and that was the only thing I focused on. From that, I can feel myself not being happy with my friends or overall not being happy at the things I used to be happy, but then I realized to focus on myself and I immediately saw a difference.” 

          If a student does not focus on themselves, many factors compile in making situations even harder at some times. 

          Tran stated, “For those people who feel like they have pressure on their minds or stress, always remember there are many resources around you and there are solutions to fix anything.”