Hot Rides

By: Timothy Pernama

          At Ayala, a common hobby that brings people together are cars. Cars are more than just a vehicle that helps one get from point A to point B. Cars are seen as a piece of artwork. They are a creation of one's own personal favorite style. A car says a lot about a person.

          The three individuals that volunteered to have their cars featured are prime examples of what a car is made to be. A car is not meant to be covered and stored in a garage. A car was meant to be driven on the road. 

          Senior Akash Pandrhally drives a 2014 Nissan 370z. He loves his car because of the amount of work he has put in to it. He has a carbon fiber wing made from APR performance, ECU tune, test pipes, TE rims, 295 front tire size and 325s in the back, cold air intake, short tail exhaust, slotted rotors, oil cooler, and side skirts. He also has a nardo grey wrap along with the blacked out louvers. It is a six speed manual. Lastly, he has his sponsors on the side of his car and Dunlop tire stickers.

          Aside from all the modifications, Pandrhally really loves his car because he loves to race. His 370z is putting down a little over 380 horsepower to the wheel while weighing in a 3,200 pounds. 

          Our next student to be featured is Zach Vickers, also a senior. Vickers drives a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS. He loves this car because of how sleek-looking it is. It has an all blacked out interior, exterior, and mmr 228 wheels in gloss black. His Camaro specs are a 6.2 liter V8 that pushes a little over 455 horsepower to the rear wheels. It has a bimodal exhaust so the exhaust valves can open and close to allow for either the car to be loud or quiet (also known as cop mode). It is an 8 speed dual clutch automatic. Its 0-60 mph comes in at 4.1 seconds and its quarter mile is 12.1 seconds. Overall the reason why Vickers loves this car is because of how it drives, how it looks, and how fast it is. 

          The third Ayala student to be featured is senior Tommy Ramirez. He drives a nice light grey Toyota Tundra V8. He loves this truck because of what it has been through. He uses this truck for his successful mobile detailing business (@deluxedetail_ie). He has serviced over 100+ cars over the last 5 months and has made lots of money with this truck by going to people's homes and businesses detailing their cars. His truck is equipped with a modified exhaust system, which screams from a mile away. It also has an upgraded subwoofer system, cold air intake, LED headlights, and yellow fog lights. One might hear this truck coming down the road and think it’s an earthquake. 

          Cars are what brought these friends closer together. These gentlemen can talk hours upon hours about cars and what they can do to it. The car community is a friendly environment to get to know each other and to learn what each other drives. It’s what motivates people to get out of bed. It’s what some people turn to when they need to cope. Overall, cars are more than just a vehicle that gets a person from point A to point B.