Marina Williams

By: Kreesh Teli

          In this 2019-2020 school year, Ayala High School has received a new batch of teachers varying in subjects of teaching. One of those teachers is Mrs. Marina Williams who is going through her 21st year of teaching at Ayala High School. For this new school year, Mrs. Williams is excited and is “hoping that her students enjoy ASL and also become fluent in ASL.”

          Doing American Sign Language (ASL) since coming out of high school, ASL has been a huge part of Mrs. William’s life. After high school, Mrs. Williams decided not to go to college and at first did not know what to do. Eventually, her mom presented her with an advertisement of Mt. Sac’s program of American Sign Language which immediately caught her attention. Coming off a curriculum and instruction major, Mrs. Williams has been fond of teaching for her whole life.


          “I started teaching when I was about five, and I used to teach all of my stuffed animals,” said Mrs. Williams. From that, she started teaching when she realized “she can actually get a job doing ASL.”

          After twenty years, Ayala came into her life after getting picked as the new ASL teacher. Her first impressions were that “she loved the school and how friendly the staff are to each other and also how the students are welcoming.”

          Outside of teaching, one of Mrs. William’s favorite hobby is shopping. In her shopping experiences, she can implement her practice of ASL in the hobby.

          “I will usually use ASL when I’m shopping. People will walk up to me and ask me something by just signing to me and I will sign back to them.” When these situations occur, the people asking her would be really shocked and get the help they deserve while shopping. This practice helps both Mrs. Williams in learning more and the people shopping, and she hopes her students can do the same in outside situations.

          Overall, Mrs. Williams is excited to be a part of the friendly environment this school year in her twenty-first year of teaching. We hope she has an outstanding year!