Natalie Howard

By: Mandy Kajiwara

          Even teachers are nervous when it is the first day of teaching in a new school. Ayala High is welcoming over a dozen new staff to join our Bulldog family. A new teacher to the math department, Ms. Natalie Howard, is excited to be here teaching math in levels integrated 3 and integrated 3 honors. 

          Ms. Howard has taught for 4 years before arriving here, all in different high school levels, but at one point she was a high school student just like all of us. Her high school even inspired her dream career by helping her with everything she needed to know.

          Ms. Howard said, "I went to a small private high school, so I got a lot of attention, and they helped me figure out what I wanted to do and who I was. That individual attention really gave me the ability to discover who I am."

          When looking back on her fond memories of her high school years, she feels that her mother stressed the importance of learning while she was growing up and feels that her mom was her inspiration behind being a teacher. 

          She believes that being a math teacher is her dream, as she had no other answer because she felt that math was her passion.

          "[Math] explains things around us and how things work. And you can always find the mathematical idea behind it," she explained as her reasoning for her love of the subject. 

          After a short amount of time, Ms. Howard has already found a home within our campus."I really like the culture of the school and how everyone is very welcoming and wants to work together to try their best," Ms. Howard expressing how Ayala is different than the other schools she has taught at.

          She has even made new friends and has had multiple teachers welcome her and allow her to ask any questions she felt necessary. New staff or old staff, Ayala is all one Bulldog family. Enjoy your first year here, Ms. Howard!