Meredith Kadlac

By: Alissa Manzo

          Math is a subject that could either be loved or hated. For Meridith Kadlac, a new trigonometry/pre-calculus and AP Calculus AB teacher, it was a mixture of both. Mrs. Kadlac’s journey to her job at Ayala came by a surprise considering her history with the subject. 

          Throughout high school Kadlac’s interests were not directed to math while attending all 4 years of high school. Her main focus was on yearbook. 

          Kadlac said, “I wanted to be a writer at first because I was really into yearbook.” 

          She also only took required classes for math and didn’t bother applying for a fourth year when she was a senior. After high school, Kadlac started taking steps toward getting her teaching credential in a college up North. She described the school as very visually satisfying and picturesque setting, with plenty of opportunities for different outside activities. 

          Kadlac said, “It was really beautiful up there because it's right by the beach and it's in the redwood forest. It was really fun I used to enjoy doing outdoor activities like camping and hiking. I still enjoy those things now but up there where I went those things were just all around you so it was just things you do everyday.” 

          While in college, she also met her husband, with whom she later had her two children. While taking her steps to obtain her teaching credential, her main goal wasn’t to teach the subject math. In fact she previously taught as a yearbook advisor at Montclair High School for 10 years.

          It was when she had kids that she decided to stay behind and work on being a mother for two years. She then decided to put her skills to work by being a statistician. A statistician requires a person who works with theoretical or applied statistics. After pursuing the career she soon realized it wasn’t convenient for her life at the moment. 

          She stated, “Doing something else with my math skills instead of teaching them sort of didn’t go anywhere. So I realized teaching is actually what I want to be doing with this time of my life. Because it works out really well with being a mom and I have two small kids at home. So it actually suits my lifestyle really well more than the competitive atmosphere of grad school and being a statistician. It’s more suitable for me.”

          Once her clairvoyance for teaching math became clear, Kadlac applied to the Chino Valley Unified School district and was later called in for an interview from Ayala High school. She continued to explain her gratitude for the school after hearing of the great academic reputation it holds from living close by for so many years.

          Now that Kadlac is working as a teacher here, she has considered it one of her greatest successes.

          She said, "Overcoming my dislike for math was a really important one as far as me becoming a math teacher obviously. I went from someone who didn’t like math to someone who loves it to the point I majored in it.”

          It’s clear Kadlac wouldn’t have her journey any other way and would recommend her job to others who are curious about it.