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FBLA competes at Leadership Development Institute

By: Anushka Thakker

          With over 100 clubs to choose from at Ayala, it is worthwhile to regularly highlight those that exceed and achieve. On November 16-17th, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) journeyed to to partake in the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) Conference at the Double-Tree Hotel in Orange, California.

       “The Leadership Development Institute is a great way for high school students to get a hands-on learning experience and to get a sense of what it’s like in the business professional sphere,” says Art Boren, FBLA adviser.

          Members of the FBLA club start off the year of academic competitions by attending the annual Leadership Development Institute, located in Anaheim. This two-day conference places a heavy emphasis on workshops that focus on business skills as well as advice for future competitions. There is a wide array of events to choose from, including Networking Concepts, Client Service, Agribusiness, Accounting, Personal Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, etc. 

          To prepare for LDI, club members are sure to pack business professional as well as business casual clothes. The dress codes at the conference are heavily enforced, and for good reason. The strict dress code allows students to get a sense of real business practices.

At this year’s LDI, club members got the chance to experience workshops that ranged from personal branding to team building exercises. 

          “This was one of the best LDI’s yet,” says Akaash Bahl, FBLA Vice President, “I learned so much in just two short days.”

          “I learned so much about how to make myself more open and able to network in the business professional world,” comments Asna Tabassum, FBLA Vice President, “I can make a professional LinkedIn!” 

          Overall, FBLA’s LDI Conference boasts a plethora of advantages, mostly due to the experience that club members go through. Although it is a great choice of extracurricular for prospective business majors, the skills learned throughout participation in club activities can be applied universally towards virtually any field.