New E-Board Officers

By: Ashley Chen

Recently, the winners for the 2020 Executive Board Officers has been announced and the new e-board officers are excited to what’s to come! 

    The officers are sophomore Kayle Waye as UCC Chairperson, sophomore Dominic Jauregi as Speaker of the House, junior Risha Trivedi as Finance Director, junior Sydney Shelby as Secretary, junior Emily Darrington as Vice President, and junior Irene Kim as President.

    “Thank you so much for voting for me as Secretary and I can’t wait to show this school my abilities as I serve as one of the officers of the 2020 E-Board. We’re already planning special activities for this school that I can’t reveal so just wait and see,” said Secretary Shelby. 

    “I am so excited and I can not wait to showcase my ability as President to make this year the most memorable year,” said Kim. 

    The USB E-Board officers are excited to show their skills to the school as they prepare for upcoming events and activities for the 2019-2020 school year. 

    “We have many activities and events planned such as prom and prom fashion show and we can not wait to reveal it to the students,” UCC Chairperson Waye said. 

    The 2020 E-Board officers are already planning events such as Prom and other activities throughout the school year. 

    “I am so grateful for those who voted for us and I can not wait to help continue to make this school the greatest high school and help every student feel belonged to this school. We are already planning out rallies so stay tuned for that,” Kim said. 

    We can not wait to see what the new executive board officers have to offer to our school and there are many events and upcoming activities to come from them!