Race to the Finish Line

By: Sohan Raval

Cross Country has had exceptional results this season, leading them to the CIF championship. The CIF championship is the highest competitive event in our district and winning a championship will bring name recognition to Ayala. 

Cross Country has always done well but this year the coach has taught the students to win it all. Coach Matthew Ullmann has pushed the students to their fullest potential. 

“My goal this year was to get the best out of everyone and help them become something they have aspired to be. My students have worked their butt off and can't wait to show Ayala and their competitors what Ayala is made up of.” 

The Cross Country group has worked tirelessly to show what Ayala is made up of when they compete at CIF. Sophomore Roshan Vettikattu is very proud of his teammates and knows that they will be more than ready to win it all. 

“This group has worked very hard to get to where we are at and the fact is that with determination this group can go anywhere.” 

Vettikattu’s confidence demonstrates the group bond he has with his coach and his accomplices. 

Junior Sophia Byers believes that this year the Ayala team can win first place as she said, “We wake up at 5:30 a.m. and come to practice as our daily routine. It’s hard, but to win we have to.” 

Byers can conclude that the improvements made from the first year to the third has truly translated to success on the field. 

The coach has a lot to do with that and the bond he has with his students gives him the ability to coach them to their fullest capacity and potential.