Ryan Davis

By: Jessica Fajardo

Ryan Davis is a special education teacher at Ayala who he has been teaching the transition program. He has been teaching for the past 15 years. Davis went to California State University, San Bernardino and obtained his bachelor’s and teaching credential. 

Regarding who influenced his skills in life, Davis said, “My wife and also it was a chance in life I just took.” 

He chose to become a teacher because his wife was also a teacher, which pushed him to become a part of the profession, along with his enjoyment with working with kids.

Everyday, Davis teaches students basic life skills, such as cooking food, doing laundry, and teaching them how to recycle cans. He also teaches students how to fill out job applications and shows them interviewing skills. 

Davis’ biggest challenge was overcoming behavior issues throughout class. The most difficult situation, said Davis, “is when you don't know how a student is feeling.”  

His most difficult challenge during college was not the classes. “The beginning of college was pretty easy. That part wasn’t hard, it was harder as I was getting my credential and working on my masters. As I'm trying to do that, I was working and juggling a family. Juggling three things at once was not easy.” 

Davis offers advice to seniors going to college to take the practical route. “If your parents aren't going to help you pay, go to a junior college first. It’s a lot easier to get into any college you want if you have been to a Junior College and get your associate’s degree and complete the first two years of your coursework. Your chances are two to three times higher to get into a UC if you go to a JC college first. But, if you get straight in and have a scholarship or your parents are going to help pay for it, then by all means have a ball.”