Candice Roman

Candice Roman

By: Valeria Vargas

Ruben S. Ayala High School is staffed with lots of unique individuals such as Ms. Candice Roman. Her position here on campus is counselor secretary.

“I help the counselors when needed, the school secretary and the students mostly” said Ms. Roman.

She has continued to accomplish more, change positions and grow into the district but if she could imagine herself in a different work field it would be an administrator in a law firm.        

“I used to work I a law firm for many, many years.”

Her first job interacting with kids was 10 years ago. Ms. Roman was not prepared for how fun it would be to work with students of all ages, but she really enjoyed her time with the younger kids.

“You become attached and get to know personalities, and they sped most of the day with you, so you'll become a fulltime surrogate of just listening to them, their needs, having fun and just letting them relax. Now it's getting to know high scores and helping them with their future.”

Ms. Roman described her college experience as hard at first because she had a full-time job and was a full-time student, majoring in administration business. It taught her responsibility and time management because like many Ms. Roman struggled in high school due to multiple reasons, but it helped her realize she needs to know where to direct her life.

“I went back to college when I was older because I enjoyed taking the classes ad each experience was different and unique. When I was older, I got to talk with the younger students and get an idea of where they’re coming from. So, it's not only a learning experience in class but with your peers.”

Everyone faces challenges in their life, and we all take the outcomes in different ways making us who we are today. Ms. Roman lost her husband in December, leaving only her and her Daughter, Sydney who is a Junior at Ayala.

“We were together for eighteen years and I am learning to become an adult without him. That’s when you're talking to people who have lost someone that’s very interesting, and it's hard for people to understand and empathize unless you go through that. I know it has made me stronger. I know another friend of mine who lost her husband ad she went a very different direction and your feeling can continue. But like I tell my friends and daughter, I don’t have to grieve because I have to move forward, and eventually you do. When you realize time won't stand still for anybody, including when you're younger you have to push forward. You can let something push you down to the ground and keep you there or you can fall and decide it's time to climb back up.”

Through all this Ms. Candice sees her mentor to be her own daughter because she sees so many of her own personality traits in Sydney. She sees Sydney's stubbornness is going to push her when she needs to be pushed and when Ms. Roman feels she is too soft, "I will just allow her to feel when it's time to love someone extra."