The Underlying Struggles of the Teen Job Hunt

By: Kaylah Rideau

          Finding a job these days is extremely difficult. A lot of teens are on the hunt for jobs at this moment. Most teens are having a hard time finding work due to the fact that we are inexperienced with little to no career skills. Also, most managers won’t hire inexperienced workers.

          Being a high school student can also make it difficult to receive a work permit. You have to have a certain grade point average to be able to get the permit. Before receiving the permit, you will need to have a job already lined up. But after the student submits an application, most workplaces want to make sure the student is allowed to work with a school permit.

          Another obstacle students have to overcome is if the student has a prior history of school discipline. School staff may be less likely to give this student a work permit. Students who get a work permit in school are the ones who show that they are responsible, respect the rules, and keep good grades.

          Additionally, students with school work permits are normally only allowed to work four hours. Most managers want to hire someone who could work full time. This limits the type of jobs students can have to fast food, seasonal, and non-career oriented jobs. Most teens don’t want to work with fast food because they’ll be uncomfortable and face unsanitary conditions.

          Seasonal jobs are normally more fun, and full of valuable experience but are only available for their seasonal openings. Most teenagers most likely would like to work at these jobs because it’s a creative and fun work environment. As a young teen, no serious employer is interested in hiring and training the next generation. This is unfair for teens thinking about their future prospects. In fact, there are teenagers who do care about their future and would like to get ahead of the game if they can by finding a good job early that will provide a profitable future.

          There are enough challenges being a teenager attempting to learn life skills, so adding on top of that trying to find a job is stressful. As much as students want to pile work and school together, we have to sit and realize that school is more important. Unfortunately, in some cases, work has to take a back seat.  

          We have to learn how to prioritize what is important and take those skills into our future. If we aren’t able to focus on what is before us, there will be no way for us to focus on our future. As much as having a job sounds great along with making money, we have to pick and choose what will benefit us in the long run. I do hope one day to find a job that will give me the skills I need to pursue my dreams.