Teenage Hangout Spot Just Got Better

By: Mia Perez

This past summer there has been some new additions to our local Shoppes. Lots of our students hang out and spend lots of their free time there so it is an attraction to everyone. We always want to stay up to date on our student attractions, so recently there has been the newest store lululemon which high school girls  are going crazy over. They sell the most comfortable clothes for a very high price with some questioning if it is worth it.

There is also the new Hotties. Hotties is a new chicken finger place that people are loving. Just like Raising Canes, they have their secret sauce which many claim to be amazing. Food is a really big part of everybody’s life so we always love a new food spot! 

Some of the least favorite stores or food places according to students are Barnes & Noble, Chico’s, Bruxie, and Kickin' Crab .

The most popular places are Panera Bread, Chipotle, RA Sushi, lululemon, 7 leaves, Pacsun, and Forever 21. We are so lucky to have a local mini mall right down the street from our high school as it’s so convenient and fun!