Jennifer Barker

By: Utkarsh Bhandari

There are quite a few new staff members at Ayala this year. Of these, we have received the wonderful addition of Jennifer Barker, our new study skills teacher! She has been teaching for a few years now, but she is excited for her first year at Ayala. When asked about why she chose to teach here, Barker explained that she had heard about the pleasant community, which was a major factor in her decision.

As a study skills teacher, Barker helps students become prepared for what the future holds. This includes working on college and career readiness, as well as possible skills regarding finances and managing money. She also assists students in completing their homework correctly. Barker’s inspiration originated from her own challenges in time management when she was in college.

Her childhood also influenced the path she chose for her current occupation. “I grew up with a bunch of teachers; having that influence on my life kind of pushed me the teaching direction,” said Barker.

Her parents were also her mentors and helped her become more organized for the future; they encouraged her to make checklists and schedule what they did. In addition to her parents being teachers, her aunt and uncle were also teachers. Having this much teacher roots embedded into her brain the idea to choose this occupation. 

Barker considers her greatest success to be completing school and getting a job as a teacher. If she wasn’t a teacher, Barker believes she would probably be a doctor.

When asked what she wanted to do in high school for her career, she states, “I wanted to be a surgeon. So for me, it was a lot more school that I wanted to go to. And it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.” Because she had some interest in joining the medical field, she went to junior college to figure out what she wanted to do exactly.

Afterwards, she was able to set her path for the future and decided that she wanted to become a teacher. Other students can learn from this experience, because junior college can be a good place to figure things out if you are undecided about what you want to do.