The Rise of the Bulldogs at the Homecoming Game

By: Sohan Raval

Every year Ayala celebrates our outstanding students at the homecoming game. With celebrations and parades, this game is unlike any other.

The homecoming game brings unity through all grade levels with parades and a halftime show. The parade also included the recognition of all the clubs and their achievements in developing a fun atmosphere in and out of school.

Apart from the celebrations there was still a football game in progress. Even though the entourage was different than most games, the game against Colony was a crucial game to win. Drew Merrill, a varsity player, said, “This isn't any runaway game. Colony is good and they can easily beat us.”

Colony looked good most of the first quarter but fell as it reached halftime. During halftime show, our Ayala dance team performed "The Wizard of OZ" and it was truly impressive. At the end of the halftime show the senior prom court was introduced and they were recognized for their accomplishments.

Senior Class Officer Wensu Ng concluded with “This game was truly a wonderful experience.” At the end Ayala crushed Colony 28 to 0 in a thrilling win by our bulldogs. This was the one game that showed the dominance in this team and that the bulldogs should be feared.

Jaden Colvin, varsity player, was asked about the formula of Ayala’s game and he said, “Our run game is very strong but I think our formula is hustling every game and supporting our teammates at all times. Ayala football is creating noise this year and as the season continues they are only going to get better. The students of Ayala cannot wait to see more these football players have to offer.