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Teacher of the Year

By: Sohan Raval

          Being recognized as a teacher of the year is heartwarming for anyone. Teachers work hard to help students succeed, but being recognized for such a prestigious award is a bonus. The Teacher of the Year for 2019 is Mrs. Christina Hofstetter. Mrs. Hofstetter is a dance teacher that teaches the class and dance production.

          Over the years, the dance program has progressed far as Mrs. Hofstetter said, “Our first year I only had one class. Three years later, I have five dance classes with each different levels.” Mrs. Hofstetter has not only expanded the performing arts at Ayala but also positively affected the students taking it. 

          “It means a lot, since I went to this school. My mom worked here since 1991. So for me to get it this year, this being my seventh year of teaching, it was truly a great honor. I feel very humbled, especially since I grew up here,” said Mrs. Hofstetter.

         However for Mrs. Hofstetter, she had to face many challenges on her road to success at Ayala.


         "My first year was definitely really hard because you have to make a name for yourself. Not only am I new, but I have this reputation and so many things my mom did that I wanted to do as well. I wanted to do it just as good, if not better than she did.” 

         Despite some weariness about being in her shadow, her mom has been Mrs. Hofstetter's most inspirational mentor.

         “Without her,” she said, “I would never be where I am today. The success is all owed to her and I know she is proud of me for what I am doing for dance.” 

         Teacher of the Year validates the dedication and hard work teachers put into each and every child. There is no doubt that Mrs. Hofstetter has certainly achieved more than she anticipated.