A Cross for Change

By: Janvi Amin

         Being a teacher at Ayala can either be a blessing or a curse, but for Jessica Cross, teaching is what she has always wanted to do. Beyond her title of English and AVID teacher, inspiring kids is only one of the many things Cross does for her students. Through her dedication and mentorship, Ms. Cross is helping her students achieve great heights.

         Her passion for teaching makes her even more adept for her position. Cross said, “I always knew I wanted to be a teacher even from a little age." 

         At a young age, she recognized her love for reading, which eventually flourished into her English major in college. Her favorite book is the Harry Potter series above all others.

         Cross's devotion to the growth of her students drives her passion for teaching. “I have to get along with them. I have to be able to change plans to meet the needs of the kids.” 


         Aside from teaching English, Cross also enjoys being a part of AVID. “I like how AVID becomes like a family. The students all know each other really well and it’s fun to help them in all their classes,” said Cross about her favorite part of teaching AVID students. Cross enjoys helping her students regardless of the class and enjoys leaving an impact on them, so that they may leave her class more knowledgeable and keen to learn than they were before they walked in.

         Other than teaching, Cross enjoys spending time with her friends and family, as well as watching TV, reading, and listening to audiobooks. As an important part of Ayala, Cross is a teacher who tries to better her kids and make in impact, following her passion and having fun while doing so.