Splish Splash! Diving Into a New Season!

By: Sohan Raval

          As the new 2019-2020 school year starts, there are many sports that are already ready to compete. Ayala sports has encouraged students to show off their physical skills in a variety of sports that Ayala has to offer. One of the many successful sports year after year is water polo. 

          Water polo is a fall sport and most of their season is played during the first semester of school. The athletes in water polo trained diligently during the summer and continue to do so during school. The athletes have morning practice beginning at 5:50 a.m. in addition to after school practice. It is crazy to see the athletes manage their time so well with their studies and water polo to make them successful.

          Sophomore JV water polo player Kyler Yeum describes it as “difficult, but we get through it because it's for the love of the game.” 

          Even though Yeum has so much on his plate he is still dedicated to his water polo team.

          Under the coaches, the team prepares extensively as they have created a new play book to enhance depth with the defense and offense.

          Sophomore Varsity player Parker Costa said, “I am very excited to get in that pool and beat the other team and eventually make it to the CIF tournament.”

          The players are also looking forward to improving themselves from last year as they have more experience and a few months of training in the summer under their belt. Developing teamwork and chemistry within all three teams is essential and will make them stronger than ever. This is one of the main goals the coaches have for the players: the importance of being a team rather than carrying on as a best player. 

          The water polo team looking forward to having their games at Ayala and would love for Ayala students to come and support them. Ayala sports have been dominating for years, so we expect nothing but success when it comes to water polo.