Adventures at the Beach

By: Sohan Raval

All this must have been a dream filled with horror. As I woke up at 10pm ready to go to school in my living room. Getting ready for an online class in the middle of the last semester has shook my whole world upside down. The life that I was living has changed completely. The first few days just felt like a vacation but then the homework started approaching and all the work started pouring in. This pandemic will go down in history but the journey of each human that went through it will have stories to tell their families for generations to come. It had been about three weeks and I was losing it. Staying home for that long and not getting any type of fresh air is something I have never experienced before. One day I was browsing through the video social media app TikTok and saw this huge trend that is going on right now.


So right now all the beaches in Southern California are experiencing bright blue waves. Bioluminescent waves is a natural phenomenon that causes the waves to glow blue. It's caused by an algae bloom called the "Red Tide." So I told my uncle that we should go to one of these beaches to see these waves and get fresh air from all the quarantining. Furthermore, that next day we went to San Clemente at night. We were hoping it wasn't going to be crowded, but we couldn't find parking for the next 20 minutes. We went to every street nearby the beach but everything was either taken or closed due to the Coronavirus provisions.


I was so mad because we came all this way to see these waves but we couldn't even find a place to park. Thirty minutes passed by and I was destined to see those waves. Then luck struck and out of nowhere a car was leaving; we got the closest parking by the beach. We were so lucky, and the blue waves were manifested to us. During our time there we took pictures and watched the waves. This was the only fun thing I did during quarantine so far. After everyone was tired we left and went to Sonics for some ice cream shakes.


This whole quarantine has been pretty sad but this event brought light to my world. I am so fortunate that we got to see something that might not ever come back as there is some mystery on how it appeared out of nowhere.