Amaan Patel

By Sohan Raval

Life has many beginnings and endings, the seniors in Ayala are ending their High School Chapter as they all go off to college. Amaan Patel a Senior at Ayala has accomplished many of his goals as a student in Ayala. Patel has proven to be a successful student as he has been a member of the Golf Varsity team for four years and earned the Palomares award. Patel was “ecstatic” when he found out he was one of the 5 students that got this award as he has dedicated his time and effort for the betterment of this school.


His role in USB certified him as a role model and leader as well. Over the years, high school got Patel “out of his shell,” and meeting new friends helped him get through the tough times and challenges he faced in Ayala.


Patel valued his teachers and will miss them the most as he has very close relationships with every single one of them. He stated that “not seeing them every day will be something new for me.”


The spirit that Patel upheld as a student in Ayala truly made him strive for his goals which led him to his accomplishments. Ayala offered Patel many great opportunities, such as joining clubs and other extracurricular activities, allowing him to learn new things and become more open-minded.

Now that High School is coming to an end, Patel is very excited to go to college. He can't wait to learn valuable lessons from his professors to carry into his future.


Patel said he is looking forward to “going to all the classes and just having the freedom of living on my own and learning how to just survive in this world.” 

Patel describes high school as a "full on journey" and knowing the ups and downs he went through it was a great achievement to get through high school. All the memorable experiences that he will cherish have all been built on the spirit and the kind nature he had in himself.