USB President Audrey Ing

By: Miranda Kajiawra

As the year comes to a close, our beloved Class of 2020 is moving on to the world of college. Among the large class of seniors is Audrey Ing, Ayala's USB president and fellow senior dino with a path of success in her future, who is preparing to hand over her title to the next president and face the responsibilities of college. 

Ing grew up with an older sister, Ayala Class of 2019 alumni Madison Ing, flight attendant for United Airlines, Bonnie Ing, chiropractor Simon Ing, and all around family dog buffy. A truly typical family, always splitting responsibility and training Audrey to become successful from day one with not only piano lessons but heavy involvement in Girl Scouts of America.

Girl Scouts is a great way of teaching girls about the real world and the responsibilities they must face in the future. Ing has been involved in troop 8754 from the age of five up until 16 receiving both the bronze and silver awards from the Girl Scouts council.


"Being a Girl Scout for most of my life definitely influenced me as I became more environmentally conscious and developed leadership skills. The life skills and friendships I earned through Girl Scouts will stay with me for the rest of my life," she said. She also credits this as the beginning to her pathway towards becoming USB President.


USB President is a tremendous accomplishment and responsibility. Ing took her job very seriously and gives credit for her self motivation to the Ayala leadership program.


"Being USB President made me a more responsible student and definitely helped me improve my time-management skills since I had to balance many extracurricular activities," she said recalling all the memories of her time in USB.


Ing will be attending University of California, Berkeley next year, majoring in Biology in hopes of becoming a doctor. Although she will miss being a bulldog, she feels she is well prepared for the future and is ready to move onto the next challenge of her life.