Basketball Season Preview

     By: Sohan Raval


Winter is here and so is winter sports season. Basketball at Ayala has been one of the most marketed and exciting sports on campus.


     Sophomore Aryan Bhojani recently attended a game and simply stated, “The vibe was great, everyone was engaged in the game and the atmosphere was vibrant. As I am not a fan of basketball, I really enjoyed watching our bulldogs play.”


     The popularity of basketball at Ayala is tremendous, but team play is what matters the most. After a devatating season last year, the Ayala team has set out for revenge. Sophomore Aaron Onishi of the Varsity team said, “We are very happy at where we are at. Sometimes times get difficult with chemistry, but it's all a learning process. Our team has improved greatly from last year as they have put in a lot of work over the summer and fall. Practice, Practice, Practice is what the coach preaches for our path to success.”


     The team looks to be intact and fully recovered from last year. They are now ready to show the world who they really are. Having a team that preaches unity and realizes the importance of chemistry is a team that eyes success. Even though the path won't be easy, with a lot of obstacles in their way, the team has to show what they are really made of.


     Coach Bhatt seems ready for the challenge and is excited to be with such a close unit. With everything going their way at this point, CIF seems very possible and for the players, it would be a dream to win. The season has started and the basketball team would love for our bulldogs to come support and enjoy their upcoming games.