The Switch of a New Semester

By Lindsay Shen (9)

blended distance.JPG

As the new semester approached, more and more people were questioning whether or not the original choice they made between blended and distance learning was best for them. Both options were still virtual; however, the teachers and overall experience differed tremendously. 


Blended learning is the option of attending school in person only with people in their assigned cohorts (A or B). All students who chose blended learning were placed with teachers who taught at each respective school, whereas distance learning had a mixture of all CVUSD teachers and students. Distance learning is  virtual learning for the entire semester or year. All students who chose distance learning had the opportunity to get instructors from each high school in the district, including their own. 


Students began to doubt their preferences on how they chose to learn. “My reasoning at first was to be able to go back to face-to face school. However, now with the cases increasing, I’m having doubts about the change,” said Ally Foo, a freshman who recently switched from blended to distance learning. 


Regardless of which option was chosen, virtual learning has been difficult for each student. However, the extra stress of a switch between schedules does not help matters. Nonetheless, many people believe it was beneficial to overcome the change. Anmary Bautista, a current freshman enrolled in Ayala’s blended learning program, stated that “[she] wanted to be in more classes with [her] friends and wasn’t comfortable with having teachers from all schools in the district.”

Though it may be too early to form an opinion on the new schedules, so far it has been looking positive. “Since it’s only been two weeks with my new schedule, I haven’t been able to fully adapt to everything, but so far I have been doing all right,” Bautista concluded.


The new semester has been different for everybody, whether or not there was a switch. Teachers and students are working together to make the online experience as easy  as possible. The differences between distance and blended learning, whether stark or similar, have ultimately brought the school together.