Boy Meets World

By: Utkarsh Bhandari

During this time of social distancing, I have been watching a television show called Boy Meets World. The background of this show is that there is a boy named Cory Matthews who starts out in the show as 11 years old. He has an older brother who is around 4 years older than him whose name is Eric, and a younger sister named Morgan who is a toddler. Cory’s father is a grocer, and it is never really specified what his mother does. They have an extremely close family. The Matthews family also lives next to his teacher, Mr. Feeny.


Cory isn’t the most studious student and is more of a class clown. Cory’s best friend Shawn is similarly a class clown and slacker who is less intelligent than Cory and has a rougher family life. Shawn lives in a trailer park and his entire family is not well-educated and does not completely follow the law. Because of this, Shawn causes trouble for himself very often.


Topanga is Cory’s love interest, but she is seen as weird and different by Cory in the beginning. When Cory, Shawn, and Topanga enter season 2, each of the characters are more focused on their love lives and this is when Cory and Topanga start to get together.


Shawn and Eric seem to have different love interests very often and not any one person for the first few seasons. In season 2, Shawn’s parents both leave him and Shawn is left to be taken care of by Cory’s family. This does not work out because Shawn is not used to being so mannerly and the Matthews are having trouble affording him. Because of this, he starts to be taken care of by his English teacher, Mr. Johnathon Turner. Cory is always there for Shawn when Shawn is getting himself in trouble.


The mood of this show is mostly funny and light, which makes this show very enjoyable. The characters fill their words with jokes and each have their own style of humor that creates a general environment for the show. Cory has a sarcastic sense of humor, while Shawn’s humor in the show comes from not understanding things and not paying attention. Mr. Feeny’s humor comes from him always being there to get someone in trouble and doing what people don’t expect, while Mr. Turner is repetitive with his goals which annoys Mr. Feeny. Each of these character dynamics are repeated very often throughout the show which creates an environment where you know what is going on and it makes you laugh at the different possibilities of what situations there are.