Consumer Electrics Show 2020 Recap


      By: Kreesh Teli


As the biggest tech show, the CES (known as Consumer Electronics Show) recently invaded Las Vegas. Thousands of startups and entrepreneurs joined technology's biggest firms at the sprawling conference to demonstrate what products you should expect in 2020. 

    Sophomore Risha Trivedi, an electronic enthusiast, said, “I own a fair share of technology. With this convention, I love how my mind opens up to new products making me want more items in my house.”

      These products can range from new television sets with more innovative settings to backpacks that can walk itself. Many new inventions came out starting with new phones. This year, CES has been quiet on the smartphone front. Nonetheless, it was expected that companies such as Samsung or LG would jump on the opportunity to showcase some devices – especially in the wake of the recently teased Infinity Flex Display, better known as Samsung’s folding phone. Yet Samsung kept things under wraps, perhaps because of how poorly its Galaxy S9 performed last year – its total sales have remained lower than the S8, S7 or S6.


      What Samsung did mention, however, and rather unsurprisingly, is the current hot topic for the smartphone industry: 5G. The South Korean company confirmed that connectivity would be a priority in the coming year, and that it would introduce 5G smartphones to the market in the first half of this year. A 5G-enabled Galaxy S10, therefore, looks set to hit the market soon. These companies took the advantage to publicize their company.

    Senior Kenneth Ngo said, “As we all know phones are the key essential for us teenagers which is why the smartphone portion of the convention shocked me. The biggest shock of all was the new 5G smartphones, meaning better service for our social media.”


      Along with the new phones, many new television sets came out. Samsung was one of the first companies out the gate this year, hoping to steal the limelight. The Wall – literally – dominated the conference again, as Samsung unveiled its mammoth-size MicroLED Wall TV. It comes in 75-inches, 88-inches, 93-inches, 110-inches, 150-inches and 292-inch displays.

      Lastly, smart homes have recently been in the headlines of the technology culture. With this in mind, the CES convention showed the community different functions the new smarthomes may feature.


      Trivedi was most excited about the smarthomes as he states, "Currently I use smart homes in my room alone which control my lights and music. But when I watched the CES the new LG devices and Samsung products showed new roles the devices can do which made me so tempted to just replace my current smart homes.”

      Among all the smart home devices, LG’s smart Styler stood out – the device cares for your clothes by connecting to your washers and dryers, and then removing wrinkles for what the company claims is a professional dry cleaner result. Also, the company Kohler even came up with the Numi smart toilet 2.0, which promises an “immersive experience” on your convenience, featuring a heated seat, built-in speakers, and ambient lighting.

      It wouldn’t be a smart home without a smart sound system, and CES was overflowing with new connected audio technology. LG unveiled three new soundbars, the SL8, SL9 and SL10, all compatible with Google Assistant, and supporting both Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio systems.