Changes to gaming world

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By: Kreesh Teli


Within these past years, the gaming industry has brought many new innovations and chances to anyone interested, from being able to win three million dollars by playing the game of Fortnite or allowing people to get paid for playing their favorite games. With all these progressions, a new innovation has been introduced recently to improve gameplay with the new 360 hertz monitor.

    The new monitor is able to display a frame on the screen once every 2.8ms. This makes it easier for gamers to see the color on their screen faster and be able to react faster, giving them an advantage. The main goal for this new monstrous monitor is for gamers to run higher frames with also running 1080p. The higher the frames gamers can run on their screens the smoother the gameplay can be.

    With the release of this monitor, gamers on our campus and around us are having mixed reactions with this tornado that has been brought to the gaming world.

    Senior Kenneth Ngo stated, “When this monitor came out I was extremely surprised. I love building computers and right when this was announced, I asked my mom if I could get it for all the benefits it could bring me.”

    Sophomore Risha Trivedi, dedicated gamer, was not as hyped about this new monitor. 

    "This monitor did not really get my attention when it was announced by Asus. As a person who games everyday for multiple hours a day, a 360 Hertz monitor really did not catch my attention due to the 240 Hertz monitor doing perfectly right now. I get the games would feel smoother and everything, but right now the 240 Hertz monitor is doing perfectly fine and some computers can't even run more than 300 frames per second on max settings." 

    As it is shown, this monitor is a big change but mixed reactions came with it. Obviously the higher the hertz a monitor has, the more frames are visible to the human eye. This sounds like the best at first but like a pro gamer stated, some of the popular games can not even run more than 300 frames per second unless one has an expensive computer. So, this monitor is only catching the eye of people that can afford expensive computers along with this monitor that has a high price tag that has not been released yet. 

    Ngo said, “As excited I was for the monitor, my mom made me realize that the monitor is not reasonable for the setup I currently have, so my adventures for the monitor had to come to a pause for now.”

    All in all, the new 360 Hz has brought hype to the gaming world but also came with many mixed reactions. Right now people that can afford expensive computers are more prove to buy this new monitor but still has shocked people on the new major innovation.